“With powerhouse harmonies reminiscent of bands like Wilson Phillips and Wailin’ Jennys, the trio’s musical chemistry emanates from the speakers like morning sunshine through a kitchen window.”—Mother Church Pew

We are

Gin, Chocolate & Bottle Rockets


Based out of Madison, Wisconsin Gin, Chocolate & Bottle Rockets has, according to the Isthmus laid “themselves bare in a way that’s cathartic, even if the lyrics are a bit on the nose sometimes…the music is beautiful, catchy and immensely relatable.”


Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin / Beth Kille
Vocals, Percussion / Jen Farley
Vocals, Keyboard / Shawndell Marks


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Shawndell Marks (608) 963-7078

Beth Kille (608) 206-6813

Jen Farley (608) 698-9786


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GCBR Living In Harmony Presentation .jpg

GC&BR as Speakers!

Jen, Beth & Shawni share 3 key components to help compose a life you love in their 1-hour Living in Harmony presentation.


Here's the bottom line. we need more harmony in the world right now. Not just harmony on a global and political level but also in our work, at home and even within ourselves. Award-winning singers Jen Farley, Shawndell Marks and Beth Kille have mastered the art of harmony, and not just when they perform. These bandmates, business partners and inseparable friends have discovered the 3 components of perfect harmony, and will teach you how to implement them.

Interested in hiring us to help you or your team go from hectic to harmonious and compose a life you love? Contact us!


•American Family Dreambank

•University of Wisconsin School of Medicine

•Divine Savior Health Care System

•Brava Women’s Expo

•Summit Credit Union